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#005 Microlearning Q & A - Part 1 of 5

What Is Microlearning? In this short 5 part series, Jason answers questions people regularly ask ConveYour.

#004 - It's Not A Cakewalk

This episode is a conversation between Stephen Rhyne, ConveYour's founder, and Jason Kelske, one of ConveYour's content producers. They discuss the fact that learning can be difficult, which is why the title of this Episode is "It's Not A Cakewalk." You'll hear a little bit about the ancient view of learning, the science of learning (as presented in books like Make It Stick and Microlearning: Short and Sweet), and some practical ideas for helping learners to get over the hump of difficulty in learning.

#003 - On Innovation (w/Stephen Shapiro)

Stephen Rhyne ( interviews innovation instigator and Hall of Fame speaker, Stephen Shapiro ( Stephen Shapiro has consulted NASA, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and a slew of other major corporations regarding the art and science of being innovative. This episode is bursting with great information about how to develop the skill of innovation.

#002 - The Missing Piece is...Purpose

In this episode, Stephen Rhyne and Jason Kelske discuss the importance of developing and focusing on the purpose of training content.

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