#001 - Quality Experience

In this episode, we discuss consumer-driven User Experience (UX), while defining "Peak Information" and its impact on remote workers/learners.
Episode #001 - Quality Experience

Why Quality?
  • Hardware Driven
  • Employees Own Their Own Devices
  • Phones Are Powerful
  • Social Consumer Experiences Are Quality
  • Training Should Match
Peak Information
  • Information Surplus
  • Information as a Commodity
  • Time is Limited with Our Learners
  • The Fastest/Highest Quality Experience Wins 
    • Amazon Example
    • Voice Activation Example
    • Podcast Example
User Experience
  • Less Conformity
    • More Gig Economy
    • More Contractors
    • Less “Company Men/Women”
    • More Remote Workers
    • Pushing Away from Lecture Model
  • Aligning Experiences with Consumer Desires
    • Two-Fold Experience
      • Fast, Easy-to-access, Mobile Friendly, Feels Great/Beautiful Design
      • Understand the Learner
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