#006 Microlearning Q & A - Part 2 of 5

What Is Microlearning? In this short 5 part series, Jason answers questions people regularly ask ConveYour.
This is Part 2 of a 5 part series on Microlearning where Jason Kelske answers questions that people regularly ask ConveYour.
In today's episode, Jason answers the question: Why Should You Use Microlearning?

In Part 1 he answered the question:
  • What Is Microlearning?

In Parts 3 through 5, he will answer:
  • #3 Where Should Microlearning Be Used (and who uses Microlearning)?
  • #4 What Is the Process for Developing Microlearning?
  • #5 What Should You Look for in a Microlearning Platform?

Watch the video summary here: What Is Microlearning?

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Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Information is a Commodity
👆 Stephen Rhyne in ConveYour: On L&D Podcast

Learning Mechanisms
👆 Stephan Thoma, ex-CLO of Google

Content is a Commodity
👆 Craig Weiss, CEO FindanLMS.com

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