#002 - The Missing Piece is...Purpose

In this episode, Stephen Rhyne and Jason Kelske discuss the importance of developing and focusing on the purpose of training content.
Episode #002 - The Missing Piece...

I.  Introduction
II. Directing the Purpose
  •  Starting with the Why
  •  Relieving a Pain
  •  Empathizing
  •  Developing Learners
III. The Balance (Creating Content While Keeping Culture)
  •  Help the Learner’s Career
  •  Align Learners with the Why (Karate Kid example)
  •  Set a Strong Hook
IV. Giving an Expectation to Your Learners
  •  Know the Differences in Motivation
    •  Motivating to Finish a Course
    •  Motivating to Apply Material
  •  Help Your People to be Congruent
    •  Highlight Their Internal Motivators
    •  Find Their Why’s
    •  (Influence by Robert Cialdini)
V. Conclusion
  •  Next Episode - On Innovation w/Stephen Shapiro
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