#004 - It's Not A Cakewalk

This episode is a conversation between Stephen Rhyne, ConveYour's founder, and Jason Kelske, one of ConveYour's content producers. They discuss the fact that learning can be difficult, which is why the title of this Episode is "It's Not A Cakewalk." You'll hear a little bit about the ancient view of learning, the science of learning (as presented in books like Make It Stick and Microlearning: Short and Sweet), and some practical ideas for helping learners to get over the hump of difficulty in learning.
Episode #004 - It"s Not A Cakewalk

I.  Introduction
  • Our aim:
    • To help business leaders, trainers, and teachers level up their skills in L&D;
    • To curb the difficulty of learning by providing a clean and intuitive, mobile-learning environment.
    • Visit us at ConveYour.com
  • This episode focuses on the difficulty of learning
II. Defining “It’s Not A Cakewalk”
III.  Not Just Consumption
  • Mastery isn’t developed within hours of being in a workshop
  • Mastery isn’t observation (Golf example)
  • "To know and not to do is not to know at all.” - Laozi
  • Spaced Repetition
    • We remember things best
      • Right before we forget them
      • When we are forced to recall
  • Not: Consume, Consume, Consume—Go Do
  • Rather: Consume, Recall; Consume, Recite; Consume, Elaborate—Go Do
  • The most effortful learners become experts (violinist example)
IV.  Capability of Platforms
  • Evolution of e-Learning 
    • Blogging
    • Vlogging
    • Website Publishing as a Course
V.  The Time Factor—So much information, it’s difficult to consume
  • Time doesn’t mean effort (Working out)
  • Need for high intensity
  • Deliberate practice
VI.  Allowing People to Fail
  • Squeamish about wrong answers
  • The “All of the above” Issue in quizzing
  • No sense of assessment
  • The Problem of participation trophies
  • “Fail often. Fail early. Fail forward.”
  • The real world.
  • Stephen’s Wish: “It’s okay to fail.”
  • Chess example (embedding tactics into your game)
VII.  Conclusion

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