Episode #004 - It"s Not A Cakewalk

I.  Introduction
  • Our aim:
    • To help business leaders, trainers, and teachers level up their skills in L&D;
    • To curb the difficulty of learning by providing a clean and intuitive, mobile-learning environment.
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  • This episode focuses on the difficulty of learning
II. Defining “It’s Not A Cakewalk”
III.  Not Just Consumption
  • Mastery isn’t developed within hours of being in a workshop
  • Mastery isn’t observation (Golf example)
  • "To know and not to do is not to know at all.” - Laozi
  • Spaced Repetition
    • We remember things best
      • Right before we forget them
      • When we are forced to recall
  • Not: Consume, Consume, Consume—Go Do
  • Rather: Consume, Recall; Consume, Recite; Consume, Elaborate—Go Do
  • The most effortful learners become experts (violinist example)
IV.  Capability of Platforms
  • Evolution of e-Learning 
    • Blogging
    • Vlogging
    • Website Publishing as a Course
V.  The Time Factor—So much information, it’s difficult to consume
  • Time doesn’t mean effort (Working out)
  • Need for high intensity
  • Deliberate practice
VI.  Allowing People to Fail
  • Squeamish about wrong answers
  • The “All of the above” Issue in quizzing
  • No sense of assessment
  • The Problem of participation trophies
  • “Fail often. Fail early. Fail forward.”
  • The real world.
  • Stephen’s Wish: “It’s okay to fail.”
  • Chess example (embedding tactics into your game)
VII.  Conclusion

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